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Yes, many national and regional payers cover CPT® Code 99174 and CPT® Code 99177, although coverage limitations vary by insurer, and generally if CPT® Code 99174 is covered by an insurer, they likely will also cover CPT® Code 99177, since these are for the same procedure known as “ocular screening” or “photoscreening” or “instrument-based screening.” Some payers do not have coverage policies related to CPT® Code 99174 or CPT® Code 99177 or decline to cover the procedure. iScreen Vision encourages physicians to contact their payers to determine coverage policies and limitations related to CPT® 99174.

CPT® 99174 & CPT® 99177 Reimbursement FAQs
These FAQs discuss the Current Procedural Terminology Code 99174 (also known as 99174 or CPT® Code 99174 or CPT® 99174), which was originally introduced in 2008 as the code for ocular photoscreening and was modified in 2013 to become two codes for instrument based vision screening (e.g., photoscreening, automated-refraction). CPT® 99174 is the proper code to use for devices like iScreen Vision, which use “remote analysis” by human analysts, while CPT® 99177 should only be used by doctors who are using devices that use software only to perform analysis, known as “on-site analysis.”