P is for Photoscreeners. Photoscreeners use film or digital technology, like iScreen Vision, to capture specialized images of a child’s eyes to screen for numerous childhood vision problems.



Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is a photoscreener?

A photoscreener is a device, like the iScreen Vision Screener 3000, which captures two “red reflex” images of a child’s eyes. A “normal” red reflex means light is passing through the eyes normally and focusing on the retina in a way that creates symmetrical images – oftentimes a reddish color – in both eyes. Red reflex images that are asymmetrical, have dark spots, display a white-colored crescent-shaped reflex, or don’t create a red reflex at all can all be indications of various eye abnormalities.

How is the iScreen Vision Screener 3000 different than other photoscreeners?

The iScreen Vision Screener 3000 captures digital images of red reflex and corneal light reflex images from the eyes. Other photoscreeners, such as MTI, use film to capture images of the eyes. MTI’s device was the most-widely used photoscreener. It was developed by Dr. Howard Freedman from Redmond, Washington. Dr. Freedman developed a photoscreening device called the EyeCor. The EyeCor photoscreener was desiged to work with Polaroid 337 high-speed B&W film (this film has been replaced by 667 film and older cameras must be retrofit). A package of film screened ten children. In 2004, the technology was sold to Eye Care International. Feakins Howson Partnership (FHP) purchased the PhotoScreener technology from Eye Care International. Although there are still many MTI devices in use, the film is increasingly difficult to find and many previous users of MTI are transitioning to digital photoscreeners such as the iScreen Vision Screener 3000?

Does iScreen have any relationship with MTI?

No. Although our devices are based on similar principles of using a camera to obtain a red reflex image, there is no relationship between iScreen and MTI.

How is iScreen different than MTI?

iScreen Vision’s photoscreener is a digital photoscreener, while MTI has a film-based photoscreener. iScreen’s Vision’s images are analyzed at a centralized analysis center to ensure consistency and quality, while MTI images are analyzed by the users of the device

Do you sell film for MTI?


Do you offer trade-ins for MTI devices?

Yes. Fill out our contact us form, and we will have our sales team contact you to discuss our trade-in options.

Compare MTI Film Photoscreeners to iScreen Digital Photoscreeners
These FAQs discuss various types of photoscreening equipment including: photoscreeners, such as the iScreen Vision Screener 3000, a digital photoscreener; a photoscreener produced by a company called Medical Tehchnology and Innovations (MTI), which is a film photoscreener.