Can Video Games Fix Lazy Eye?

Can therapies based on video games help with amblyopia, or lazy eye? New pilot trials suggest the answer is yes.

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  1. Seeing this comment this mornnig was like waking up to a beautifully wrapped gift! Thanks for the humor and for sharing your story! Stella is also 2 and 3/4 and we noticed crossing a little over a year ago, so our timing is very similar! Uncanny, I say! I’m sorry you got a bit of the runaround from doctors oy. But the fact that it was hard to detect and that it was so intermittent hopefully means that she has some really good 3D/binocular vision established, and will be on solid ground as you move forward in curtailing the esotropia and addressing any emerging amblyopia. So, huzzah! If she does get glasses, be prepared for almost unbearable cuteness. I mean, you may need anti-nausea medication. Stella’s glasses are so cute, it almost makes me sick. You know, in a good way. Like eating too much delicious chocolate or something. I hope you’ll keep me posted I’m very interested to hear what happens! I guess for now I’ll just say that I love Stella’s glasses and after googling my ass off since day one, now have a very deep sense of peace about it all. She’s doing great, and your daughter will thrive no matter what! While looking cuter than all get out. Stella gets so many compliments on her glasses, it’s ridic. So be prepared. (Adorablyopia: An acute childhood visual condition in which the afflicted appears impossibly cute due to the magnification of innate charm by stylish spectacles.)


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