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Yes. Dr. Lee also gave a talk about “Efficient and Effective School Vision Screening” at the 2010 NASN National Convention. The presentation is available for download at

. According to Dr. Lee, the advantages of “objective” screening devices such as photoscreeners for vision screening in schools by school doctors or school nurses include:

  • Allows testing of kids who can’t participate in subjective visual acuity testing
  • Quick
  • “Very accurate data.”

The disadvantages that Dr. Lee cites are that they don’t provide a visual acuity measure (e.g., 20/20), they can be expensive, and results can be manufacturer and user-dependent.

Another resource from the same 2010 convention is a lecture entitled Pediatric Ophthalmology for School Nurses: What You Need to Know.

This PowerPoint lecture includes 3 talks:
Common Causes of Red Eye in the Pediatric Population by Jane C. Edmond MD
Reading, Dyslexia and Vision by Sheryl M. Handler, MD
Vision Screening and Vision Screening Devices by Daniel E. Neely, MD

This Powerpoint is available on the AAPOS website here.