“All the doctors at Goodlettsville Pediatrics are true believers in iScreen and it has really changed our practice. We now worry less about missing visual problems in young children.”

M. Catherine Dundon, MD,
Goodlettsville Pediatrics, Madison, TN


Easy, effective and affordable.

One in every four children suffers from a vision problem…

yet only 14 percent of children in the United States receive a comprehensive eye exam prior to entering the first grade.1 At highest risk is the two to five percent of pre-school children who have serious vision abnormalities or risk factors for amblyopia (more commonly called lazy eye) that can lead to vision loss or blindness if not detected and treated early.2 With iScreen Vision digital photoscreening technology, you can now simply and cost effectively provide regular, early vision screening by photoscreening your infant, pre-school, and school-age patients, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics in its Instrument-Based Pediatric Vision Screening Policy Statement, published in the November 2012 issue of the journal, Pediatrics.3

Easy to Use

Child-friendly, portable, and easily administered by staff, iScreen Vision is as simple to use as a digital camera and allows comprehensive vision screening anytime before, during, or after well-visit exams. No patient response is necessary, making iScreen Vision also ideal for preschool, pre-verbal, non-verbal, non-compliant, and developmentally-challenged patients. Click here for more details.


iScreen Vision captures two digital images of the eyes in a fraction of a second and immediately displays them for user review. One keystroke transmits the data to iScreen Vision Central Analysis for clinical review by a trained technician. Results generally are available before the patient leaves the office.

Cost Effective

iScreen Vision’s incredibly low per-patient screening fee and minimal up-front cost brings a unique advantage to your practice by expanding patient services with very little initial investment.¬†Our “per click” lease option bundles image-analysis and device lease costs into a low single fee for each image taken. iScreen Vision is eligible for insurance reimbursement with a Category I CPT Code 99174 (Instrument-based Ocular Screening (e.g., Photoscreening, Automated Refraction), bilateral). Just as important: iScreen’s per-screen fee is so reasonable, even parents without guaranteed insurance reimbursement can elect iScreen Vision screening for their child.


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