• iScreen Vision provides a fast, easy, and portable pediatric vision screening solution for infants and pre-school and school-age children that is as simple as using a digital camera.

  • Our vision screening equipment uses a technology known as photoscreening (or photo-screening) to screen children’s vision for vision problems.

  • If vision problems are severe enough, they can be risk factors for amblyopia (commonly called “lazy eye”) - the most common cause of childhood vision loss. more


  • One in four children in the United States suffers from a vision problem. iScreen Vision can help identify problems much earlier than traditional vision screening.

  • Performing a vision screening test with iScreen Vision’s pediatric vision screening equipment gives pediatricians an easy and reliable vision test.

  • Studies have shown photoscreening allows earlier, more accurate, and quicker vision screening than screening with a traditional eye chart.

  • Vision screening with photoscreening has been endorsed by professional societies including the AAP, AAO and AAPOS in a 2012 policy statement.

  • The AAP said, "For younger children, the preferred methodology is instrument-based detection of risk factors for amblyopia."

  • The AAP statement also noted that “instrument-based screening is quick, requires minimal cooperation of the child."

  • The AAP said instrument screening "is especially useful in the preverbal, preliterate, or developmentally delayed child."


  • Pediatricians experience low up-front costs – and iScreen Vision's screens may be eligible for commercial or Medicaid coverage.

  • iScreen Vision’s vision screening process is covered by many insurers under CPT code 99174 for "instrument-based ocular screening."

  • Physicians should check with their payers to see if their coverage policies reimburse for photoscreening under CPT code 99174.


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iScreen Vision's digital pediatric photoscreening technology screens for potential vision abnormalities in infants and children that can lead to amblyopia and other serious vision problems if not detected early. Photoscreening can help physicians screen for pediatric vision problems, including refractive errors such as myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (far-sightedness), astigmatism (irregular curvature) and anisometropia (unequal refraction); eye alignment problems, such as strabismus; anisocoria (unequal pupil sizes), ptosis (drooping eyelid); and media opacities such as cataracts. Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent irreversible vision loss. Digital photoscreening requires no patient response, making the technology also ideal for vision screening non-verbal, non-compliant, and developmentally challenged children. U.S. Federal Law restricts the iScreen Vision Screener 3000 to the sale by or on the order of a licensed physician or other qualified medical professional. © iScreen Vision, 2014.